RIP Julie

Julie Beth Little, as we once knew her, left this world on June 17, 2014.

Due to an unforeseen illness, a beast of a cancer, her life was taken away as she watched her baby girl slowly fade. 
Once the life of the party, she now dreads social events and really has to pull all her energy out to endure them. She often would feel comfortable talking to people in large crowds, but no longer. Instead, her appeal to social situations in large crowds has left her. She enjoys the quiet, one on one situations of truly getting to know one’s soul. It’s all she can handle. To focus in on one person and see who they are and where they are at. 
Before, she was blind to the world of pain around her. Oblivious to others suffering, she happily lived in her bubble of  security, assurance, and routine. But now, she no longer is blind. Death has brought to her light. And she can not look away. 
Never one to cry in public, she no longer is who she was. Gone are the days of holding it together. Now, tears freely fall and she doesn’t care who sees them. 
Julie was notorious for enjoying the moment and living in the now. She loved to fully enjoy the happiness of it all. No longer. Forever will sorrow be intermingled with happiness. Now, she knows what true joy was, and what it could be again. With that sorrow comes a gift of hope and appreciation. 
Previously, she did not know what true living was. Not until she died, did she understand life. For in death, she sees that life is about Him. Hope, love and mercy are the foundations of all things. 
So even though we mourn the death of Julie, she is in a better place. She knows that even though there is suffering, healing is around the corner. Even though there seems to be hopelessness, it’s never forever lost. And even though everything is mingled with pain, there will be one day a time with no more pain. 
Posted November 7. 2015

3 thoughts on “RIP Julie”

  1. Miss your sweet face. Though I only got to see glimps of the former Julie and had sideline viewings if the sadness and grief you were experiencing, you need to know that even when words failed you, when you were grieving even before the “big grief” you also gave away powerful messages in your and Gods travel with Molly Two people can never walk through that door together, one has to remain behind, like a witness to the horror and then to the testament of healing. I always thing of that door of death as a screen door. You can’t go through but you can vaguely and hazely see on to the other side, the mystery of death and why we believe so passionately that we will be reunited. Though Molly was here for a short season and her life gave testimony and witness to the words joys and bravery, she left life long lessons. Now you, julie, carry that forward in your honest, raw, painful report of that time, but with the knowledge both head and heart that with out God and the ever presence of Jesus, we would never make it. You were an inspiration to me, your sweet family was an inspiration to me, your honesty is what draws people. Everyone is attracted to honesty even when it reveals pain and sorrow, but yours also shows and speaks of hope, of restoration.. l Iove you Miss Julie as a woman, a mother and a sister in Christ. I wish we had met under better circumstances but perhaps that was Gods plan all along 😊


    1. Mary, I was writing the other day and you can up. I literally wrote, “My favorites nurse I the entire world. ” This is saying a lot because both of my in laws are nurses. You will be forever cherished in our family. You brought is peace and comfort in a time when there was none to be found. And you helped us laugh in the dark hours. We forever love you.


  2. This again shakes me to the core. although it rings so true, I can’t help but to feel angry.I hope you can in the future feel more like your old self, and melt that with the new Julie who is so astute and conscious. I love yu..


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