Writing, for me, is so many things.  It is a ministry to others. It is a voice for those that have none.  It is therapy.  It is healing.  It is raw and real.  It is fun and hysterical.

Writing has brought me a new life.  Being a writer is only the tip of the iceberg of who I am.  I’m a wife,  mother,  teacher,  bereaved parent,  military spouse, and friend.  But more than anything,  I’m a Jesus follower who daily messes up and needs the pieces picked up.  Thankfully,  I’ve got a Savior that can do that and so much more.

Why P.S. I love…? Because when we find the simple things throughout our day that brings us a smile, shows that God is still there fulfilling His promises, and that warm the heart when it often gets cold and weary, then we find joy and contentment.

Here is a space where I wish to share my trials and joys.  My failures and lessons.  My successes and triumphs.  My humor and reality.  Join me as we delve into this thing called life together!