My Story

June 17, 2014 is a date that will forever be in my mind. It was the day we found out that our middle of three daughters, Molly, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was not at all what we were preparing to face in this life. We had three beautiful girls, a great home, and my husband was doing well in his career. But God always knew and was preparing something big in my life.
My writing took off when Molly began to go through treatments and care. It was therapy for me because when I write, I feel like there is no holding back. It’s much easier to talk to a keyboard than a person. But through writing, God began to open doors. I had opportunities to talk with people I never would have before. They had struggles too and were just looking for someone else to talk to. It’s developed into this beautiful ministry in which  I love.
People are my passion. When I can bring a smile, a kind word, or help in a situation, I feel like my purpose is being fulfilled.
So here we are. Continuing the story though virtual letters…