If I Could Write You in Heaven

Dear Molly, 
I thought of you today. I think of you everyday. Every minute, really, as I go about the “normal” things of the day. I say “normal” because really nothing is normal anymore.
Since the day you left, my life line was severed and a new one began. Sure, some things are parallel to the old life line, but so many things are different.
I heard a friend say that death is a date on the calendar but grief is the calendar and that is my truth. Everything in my past is put into the perspective if it was before you died, after you died, or while you were sick. 
I can’t seem to remember things any other way.
I find that this new life line is moving further and further from you, and for that I am sorry. I know you would never wish me to stop my life. I know you want me to carry on, laughing, living, and loving. And I do. But I am still trying to figure out how I will really be able to do all those things without you here. 
I daydream about your cheeks. No, really. I miss kissing them so much. They were soft, sweet, and I could always feel your smile as I pressed my lips against them.
If I could only read you a story today. Hold you on my lap as you snuggle in. You head resting on my chest as I slowly turn page after page.
It’s so hard to believe that this will never happen again. It’s so final. So surreal. So dreadfully awful and sad.
Our home, our life, is covered in pictures with you smiling, being silly, being beautiful. And yet today, I find them not nearly enough for me. I want more. I want to hear you laugh, see your beautiful curls bouncing around, and watch you close your eyes good night.
I’ve imagined what I would say to you if I could just call you on the phone and talk. I’ve decided I would say nothing. I would just listen to you. And when you were done talking, I would hang on every breath you took until we had to hang up. 
Being your  mother has been the most wonderful accomplishment in my life and I would never trade  it. But losing you in this life is by far the deepest thing I will ever feel.
I’m so sorry you are gone. I could never say that enough.
I’m sorry you won’t grow with your sisters.
I’m sorry we won’t watch you grow.
I love you. That will never change. The only thing that has changed is how far I have to love you from.
Posted January 24, 2017

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