Language is simply fascinating to me. In high school, Etymology was by far my favorite subject. We use language all day, every day. We communicate information, emotions, ideas, and everything that falls in-between.
This year, as I reflected on where I was at and where God was sending me, I kept landing on the word “come”. It’s a simple word, really. We use it all throughout our day.
“Come here, honey.”
“Will you come to my house on Saturday?”
“Come and get it!”
“When will bedtime come?!” (OK, this one may just be something I say lately.)
Christ used the word often, as well. It’s no surprise really. He came to call the lost and eventually bring them with him to eternity.
But what I am really trying to figure out is how this word “come” will be applicable for 2017. What will it look like in the day-to-day?

As I asked this question for about a week, God brought the answer… in frozen pipes. 

We had a pretty bad snowstorm last weekend in Virginia. Of course our first winter here, not only did we get 13.5″ of snow, but we got temperatures that hit zero and wouldn’t budge much. Mix these two things together, snow and arctic cold, and you have the absolute perfect recipe for frozen pipes, at least at my house. Now, the locals have sworn to me that this is bizarre and very uncommon, but as the days kept hitting us and the snow kept falling, I continued to be skeptical. But whether this is normal or not, the fact is I had frozen pipes.

My first reaction was to panic.

Though this was not the first time they had frozen, this was the first time the entire upstairs was not working. I began to have visions of exploding pipes, flooded floors, and total loss of the house. Tears began to well up and I felt that tightness in my chest that is so familiar.

But then God said, “Hold up.”

I needed to stop and come to Him.

I hadn’t read my Bible or spoken to the Lord at all that morning since the very first thing I did after opening my eyes was use the restroom and discover the pipe dilemma. But honestly, it didn’t seem like a good time to be doing that. I mean, I have a situation here, Lord. Can’t you see that my house is about to flood and all will be lost?!
It didn’t faze Him.
I was told again to “come” and read His Word.
I knelt down next to my bed and opened my Bible to the next chapter in my daily reading. Deuteronomy. Like anything in one of the book of laws will help me with my pipes. But that is when I saw it.
On the page before me, the words, “That thou mightest fear the LORD thy God…” flew off the page. And then He asked me a simple question.

“What are you fearing?”

This moment of forgetfulness came over me and I began to have this inner dialogue as if it was with myself, but really, it was with God. Denying that I feared anything was my first reaction. I’m super woman, right? I’m not scared. I’m tough. Thick skinned. Hard.
Then He asked again.
As if slapped out of my imaginary conversation and thrown into place, I realized who I was talking to. The King knows all. He knows me better than I really know myself. There’s no fooling anyone here, except maybe me!

“What ARE you afraid of?”

My answer began to flow out in a mixture of tears, relief, and doubt.

I’m afraid of the house flooding. I’m afraid of messing something up, costing us thousands of dollars, and looking like a fool. I’m afraid to ask for help and show weakness. I’m afraid of being afraid.

Ah, there it is.

Now, this story could go on and on, but I want to get to the point of it all. (But for those interested, three days later, all pipes were thawed. Thank the Lord we have a downstairs bathroom that was fine. This girl has not mastered peeing in the woods.)

This year, God wants me to come. He wants me to come and kneel at my Savior. He wants me to worship and reverence who He is. He wants me to pull my family beside me as I come to Him. Come in the good. Come in the bad. Just come as I am.
When we forget our constant state of need, we forget that we can come. We become complacent and roll with the day until, bam! the pipes freeze. Then it’s panic mode and we forget.
I want to get into the habit, nay, the mindset that I can constantly come to the Lord. I don’t want to come when I am just in trouble or just so desperate.
Woke up tired? Come.
Saw a beautiful sunrise? Come.
Fight with the husband? Come.
Feeling lonely? Come.
Got an unexpected happy surprise in the mail? Come.
Frozen pipes? Come.

Lord, you know I don’t come nearly as much as you desire me to. Thank you for being patient. Thank you for even wanting me to come. For being willing to listen, comfort, talk, and even smile with me. Remind me this year to come to you, no matter what my state, what my circumstance, or what my mood. May I come to you more and more each day.

Posted January 20, 2017

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