Forever Six

 I wasn’t sure if there was a more perfect baby. I know I should never be partial, but Molly was so peaceful. Only for food would she cry, but once her tummy was full, she was perfectly satisfied.
As she grew, her personality began to blossom. She always wished to copy her sister. She had something to prove very early off and if she wanted to do it, she would get it done, no matter how hard it was. 
She started with her favorite color being yellow. She said it the cutest way… “Yeyow”. I loved it. Such a happy color for her to pick. As she grew, her taste changed, until one day, it settled on bright, lime green. 

Molly loved to eat. And no one could down a cupcake or bowl of spaghetti like this girl. Messy? Who cares?! She was always in the moment. 

Laughing was her favorite. Dancing, singing at the top of her lungs, and twirling in big circles were an everyday occurrence. She helped us all to just love life a little more. 

Beautiful, like her sisters, it was no surprise that every year she grew in not only beauty, but smarts, athleticism, humor, and style. 

Molly would have been eight today. She would have run into our room, jumped on the bed, and exclaimed that it was her birthday. She would have laughed loudly, eaten her cake with much enthusiasm, and loved life like she did every single day. 
Instead, she is not with us. The hope that we will see her again one day are the very legs I stand on. To see her pretty smile and see her healed body is enough to get me through another day. But I do miss her. I miss her with every single ounce of my being. What a gift she is. 
Molly, save me a place at the birthday table… I’ll be there one day to celebrate. But be sure to have a blast today… enjoy eternity with all the gumption you did here on earth. 
Posted September 10, 2016

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