Mundane Madness

There’s no hiding the exhaustion of Motherhood. The lack of sleep and constant feeding of a newborn is only the tip of the iceberg. As they grow, you realize they continue to need food and sleep, but then they require other things such as discipline, education, clean clothing, guidance, nursing, carpooling, navigating, and yes, even some space.
The juggling of life and all the needs can be very tiring and at times, overwhelming. But what about mundane?
Perhaps I am the only one to speak up about this, so forgive me before hand if you are shocked, repulsed, and ready to call the authorities. But there are just some days I get tired of the day-to-day care of my children.
Can we just talk a moment about food?
They need to eat… like every 3 hours! I can go extended periods of time without food. And when I do eat something, it doesn’t need to be a grand event. A cheese stick or an apple will do.
But with the feeding of my kids seems to go on forever.
To my poor pioneer sisters who had to take hours to cook a stew or bake a loaf of bread, I am just sorry. I am so thankful for the conveniences of  pre-sliced bread and snack packs. Judge all you want, but I love that cereal exists and that I don’t have to make eggs and pancakes every morning.
Also, the laundry.. it’s like Mount Everest. You get to a plateau and think you made it. All baskets are empty and all clean laundry is put away. And then they have to do this thing called “getting clean”. Suddenly, my once empty baskets are full with exactly 243 towels, 1900 pairs of underwear and socks, and a dump truck full of clothing.
The care is endless.
There are days I stand in the midst of grocery lists, laundry piles, and dirty dishes and just wonder what difference I am making in the Kingdom of God. Is this all there is? Why can’t I be doing something exciting for Jesus like traveling around the world feeding orphans (see, even in my dreams I am feeding children), or speaking at large conferences of ladies encouraging them in God’s Word.  I long to have hours to write, publish, and then engage with those that read the words I penned and see how God used my service to reach others.
Then, I see the Apostle Paul.
There he is. Waiting on his friends in Athens. A simple thing really. Just waiting for something exciting to happen. And then it did. There, in Acts 17, Paul gave one of his most famous sermons to the people of Athens. He was shaken, as were their hearts.
What had changed? What happened between the waiting and the Holy Spirit working in Paul to preach?
He was stirred.
Paul realized that a mundane thing like waiting was not why he was there. He was in Athens because there were people who needed God to show up and reveal Himself.
Anyone can do my laundry. Anyone can give my kids a sandwich. That is not what I am called to do. That is not why I was chosen to be their mom.
I need to be stirred and moved. I need to see that there are little people living in my very house who need Jesus and I can preach Christ to them by doing the laundry, serving them a meal, and scrubbing their hair, all while having the joy and satisfaction in doing His great work.
I don’t want to desire the pomp and circumstance of a public ministry. Slowly, but surely, God is molding my heart to see the importance in those kisses on the knee, the lessons of life that I teach, the smile and “good morning” that I give.
I don’t want to be miserable, dissatisfied, and discontent.
My greatest joy would be for my girls to remember that Mom was happy when serving them, so that one day they can be happy serving others.
Mundane should not be a word in my vocabulary. It’s not a thing. It’s really an attitude. Choosing to find the deeper purpose in the things I do everyday is what I desire to do.
So off I go, to feed my kids. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll do it with a smile.
Posted September 4, 2016


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