The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour has come. We stand here, looking at the moment that we really have dreaded since the very night we heard the word “terminal”.

I’ve played different scenarios in my head, but there really was no way of knowing what this would look like.
When Molly took a turn for the worse a few days ago, we were scared because of how things were going. Anxiety, irritation, and no relief were her companions. Peter even said that if this is what the end would look like, how cruel a thing.
But now all is quiet and calm. She sleeps soundly, looking perfect as she rests. Peaceful, really.
I don’t put too much stock in dreams, but God gave me the most beautiful gift last night by way of dream. I was looking down at Molly sleeping and she was having the most beautiful conversation with Him. It was clear as day. I once again heard her voice. But not the voice we have heard of late, slow speech and slurred.  It was her old self, healthy and happy. She spoke to Jesus about heaven and what it would be like. She was excited and happy.
Yes, this is sad and hard. But I am also so looking forward to the thought of her being ushered to heaven by angels and taking her first breath at the foot of Jesus. No more cancer. No more pain. No more struggle. Just pure, unadulterated bliss. She’s going to be happy forever.
Maybe, when I meet her in heaven, she’ll take me by the hand and show me all the things she’s been doing. I know for sure the first stop after meeting our Lord and Saviour will be where the lions are.
Posted May 23, 2015

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