Kick Off to May

May is brain cancer awareness month. 

It is a month FULL of emotions.
The first is usually anger.
Angry that I have to use my daughter’s face as a poster child to get funding for a cure. Angry that there are children that suffered forty plus years ago and today, there are still no new fixes. Angry that the government only supplies 4% to pediatric cancers. Angry that I have had to sit across from a parent who felt as helpless as we did almost 5 years ago when “there is no cure” was spoken to us.
I realize that within myself I can do very little to fix this. But like a drop in the ocean, this blog can play a part in a bigger picture.
Awareness always equals funding.
Think of breast cancer. We automatically think pink ribbons. In fact, the other day, I passed a semi with the words “Save the Ta-tas!” plastered on the side.
Awareness has brought funding to the breast cancer world. Funding has brought huge, medical advancements. And medical trials and alternative treatments have brought cures.
For the life of me, however, knowing the people, the children, blown over with the diagnosis of DIPG, and having seen first hand the sheer hell that is put on such a little body once the cancer cells hit, I just don’t know why more people aren’t talking about DIPG.

Some statistics for you.


This is a start. Telling people the real numbers of DIPG funding.
But it doesn’t end there.
Reading the real stories of those going through this disease, though painful and raw, will open your eyes to the real truth.
If you are brave enough, you can truly see the need for funding if you just go out looking.
Molly, and so many beautiful babies like her, didn’t deserve to suffer the way they did. Even though cancer is a cruel disease of this world, it seems despicable that a wealthy, well-educated nation like ours sticks their head in the sand and hands in the pockets. These kids need better. Better from me. Better from all of us.
It could have been your child. If it was, would you sit back and close your eyes, or would you tell others and spread awareness?

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