It Is Finished

I am notorious for starting projects… and not finishing them. It is shameful to say, but I am just going to be real here. If you would come to my house and open my craft box, you would find not one, not two, but 8 half done cross stitches. That is correct. For you Spanish-speaking readers, that is ocho. For all others, that is “Wow! I would never admit that number!” right after seven, just give up.
My husband knows  better at this point in our marriage to say anything when I announce I have started something new. He just lets things follow its course and implode in my very cute sewing box. Then he rushes over and gives me a hug.
It always starts with good intentions. I mean, I want to be crafty. I want to give this as a gift. I want to finish it, but then life sneaks up and slaps me in the face. Or maybe I just get lazy. Or bored. I honestly don’t know.
But if I were to list my flaws, which are many, my inability to follow through with things is by far the thing I dislike most about myself.
But here I am, still sitting on a pile of cross stitch projects that are unfinished, half read books, semi-painted rooms, and a folder of pictures that still need to be put in books.

What I can say is that I am glad it was finished by Christ.

As we observe Easter this weekend, I am reminded that it is not about bunnies and candy. Though family is a joy to have over, we miss the main point if we don’t remember the grave.
It was finished at the tomb. The empty tomb.

What was finished?

Let me list it for you.


The list could go on for a lifetime.
Personally, I am thankful that a life without a future is finished. I have purpose because of the empty tomb. I have passion because of the empty tomb. I have perseption because of the empty tomb.

Easter signifies a new beginning, just like spring. All things are made new, like my heart on the day I received Jesus. No longer must I carry my sins and burdens, but I can be free from the heaviness that life often has.

I hope that you can add to your own list of things that are finished because of Christ.
Happy Easter, family!

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