So I am starting this particular blog like no other. For it’s this morning that I really don’t know what to say. I just know that I need to write.

It’s been a very hard few weeks in the DIPG community. And even as I type this, I feel like these words leave my mouth way too often.
These three beauties have so much in common. They are all girls that loved color, fun, and giggles. They all lived in Florida. And now, they all are healed in the arms of Jesus after a long, treacherous battle with DIPG.
Really only those who have loved a DIPG child and been by their bedside can know the horrors of the disease. It’s very nature is brutal, stealing away all signs of innocence and bringing about merciless madness.
And yet I find that these little bodies which must endure such a thing, continue on, fighting hard for every little smile.
We said good-bye to Lillian Grace and Emma last week. And now we say good bye to beautiful Keira, all friends, all fighters, and now all together again.
I’ll say it, though it needs not to be said: I hate cancer.
With each loss, the scar that begins to heal is ripped open to expose a bloody wound. The death of Molly is brought up to the very surface and I am reminded how hard those last days were.
The only good that I can see out of any of it is that because I loved and lost Molly, I can empathize with these families like no other. Not a group I really wish to be a part of, however, I understand. Therefore my hug perhaps, means more. My words maybe won’t be wrong. My look is not pity, but understanding.
Posted February 15, 2016

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