I Wish…

I wish

…you could have seen today with us. The sun was shining and perfect. The clouds were white and fluffy, just how you like them.

I wish

… you could have come down the stairs like you always do, excited to see how we decorated for your special day. Bouncy. Hoppy. Giggling. Messy haired.

I wish…

… I could have watched you open your birthday presents with the same twinkle in your eye and gratitude you always possessed.

I wish…

… we could sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you just how you liked it, including smelly monkeys, silly faces, and cha cha chas.

I wish…

… I could hug you, even for a moment, and tell you what an amazing person you are.  If only I could share with you the countless lives you changed because of your strong spirit, determination, toughness, and sweet smile that all who have ever met you immediately fell in love with.

But I know…

… that you are happy.

I know…

… you are where you are supposed to be.

I know…

… that you are somehow involved  with the biggest, beastest, animals in heaven. And you are tenderly taking care of the smallest ones as well.

I know…

… that you always loved us and that is forever sealed.

I know…

…that no amount of time and no number of birthdays that pass will ever, EVER diminish, change, or lessen what you are to me. Because how can anyone forget a piece of their heart?

I wish you a happy “forever six” birthday in heaven. And I know that one day, we will celebrate for an eternity.

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