Kindness Matters Always

These are hard times. Seems like years since normalcy has been a part of our lives. It started with 5 letters, COVID.
Since March and the real introduction of the Corona virus, we have seen the breaking down of a people. And I am not talking about the physical breaking down. Our country, communities, churches, and even homes have been ripped apart by quarantines, politics, racism, presidential races, masks, and egos.
It feels to me that we are losing this war on terror. And I am not talking about the one in the Middle East. I mean the one on our home ground.
As a Christian, I desire to live my life with the attitude of always seeking how God wants me to respond to an issue or situation. Yet I have found it so easy these days to have more of a knee jerk reaction to all of it.
I have observed those around me and I have been sorely disappointed.
I do not wish to speak for the country as a whole. And I am not talking about one particular church. But the Church that is appointed to be a beacon of light to the world has decided to cast its light not on darkness, but the headlines of the paper. She has taken her eyes off of Jesus and turned her eyes on who is or is not wearing a mask, who is or is not backing the president, who is waving a blue flag and who is waving a black flag.
I think these are the saddest days for my children to live in. Not because they are missing out on a summer of swimming and picnics. Not because they cannot travel to their favorite vacation spot this year. And not because the world is covered in a virus taking thousands of lives
These days are so incredibly heart wrenching because my children are watching a war unravel between brother and sister in Christ.
The bickering and one upping on social media screams, “I am right!” instead of “He is for righteousness.”
My kids are seeing other adults, ones that profess Christ, the Lord of forgiveness, mercy, and love, ripping one another apart at the throat for disagreeing on vaccinations, racism, politics, and mask wearing.
Can I throw out my conspiracy theory?
It started back in Genesis chapter 3.
Satan loves nothing more than to mince words and bring about confusion, which leads to fear, which leads to pride. It is the same old story, year after year. Nothing is new under this old sun.
The conspiracy is that Evil wants us to be distracted and frightened. Evil wants us to get angry at the wrong things and pass by the right.
We are a people that are missing the mark, Christian friend.
What did Christ speak?

“Love your neighbor.”

Are we? Or are our panties in such a twist that Bill disagrees with you about the right to bear arms and Jill disagrees with you about red lining in America that we forget the ultimate command given?

I am not saying we should not be thinking, asking, discussing and even acting on these matters. But to be yelling, ugly, and rude is simply not acceptable.
We have talked so much as a family over the last few months and this is what we have walked away with:

No matter what everyone else is doing, we are going to keep our heads down and keep on keeping on. Keep on serving. Keep on spreading love and the Christ that first gave it. We are going to be kind and gracious, even when the other person is not.

Isn’t the golden rule what we were taught at 5? And yet, you throw in a pandemic and all memory of it goes out the window.

Christian, may I plead with you today? People are watching. They are watching how we respond to all matters that come our way. They are watching if we walk in love or walk in our own agenda and opinions. They are watching to see if we will listen or fly off the handle.
I am sad at how we as a people have responded overall, but I know we can do better if we turn to the One that showed us the best.
You can do what you want. Let’s face it, you are going to anyway. That is okay. Because that is not going to change our family’s mission. My two main jobs are to love as Christ loves and teach my kids to do the same.

And to those who read this that needs a little kindness, prayer, and even a virtual hug, you PM me. I am all over that!

3 thoughts on “Kindness Matters Always”

  1. I stand with you my sister. No matter what anyone else does I will follow Jesus. Thank you Julie for you words that touched my soul. Lifting or works up tio the only answer…JESUS! Blessings!


  2. I stand with you my sister. No matter what anyone else does I will follow Jesus. Thank you Julie for you words that touched my soul. Lifting or works up tio the only answer…JESUS! Blessings!


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