Shadows of Healing

The scene was one of desperation.
An illness that impeded upon everyday living.The pain was great and the desperation for a cure was even greater. They were looking for a miracle. They were hoping for relief from this heavy burden they must bear on a daily basis.

 Acts chapter five carries us to a setting full of hope and faith.

Here you see a crowd gathering on the street. They lay on blankets, cots, and even stone with an anticipation and belief that healing could take place. As Peter would walk down the narrow streets, the sick would reach out in hopes that his shadow would pass by them and bring healing.

What faith.

To believe and see that a simple shadow of a man could heal you from a lifetime ailment must have been exhilarating.
Not only that, but in a way, seem insane.
These people, however, were not focused on appearances. They were fixated on what could take place. They expected the unexpected.

I desire this kind of life.

To lift my eyes in a circumstance and not see before me the obstacle or hurdle, but the grace and love that can change and make good would be incredible.

This great faith is seen over and over in the New Testament. Remember the woman who thought if she would only touch the hem of Jesus’ garment she would have healing from an issue of the blood that she suffered with for twelve years? Her faith was big.
Or how about the crowd of people who would bring garments from their loved ones that were too ill to come see Paul? They believed he could heal and restore them by simply touching a piece of cloth.

I desire this kind of faith.

So often, the littlest of things catch me off guard and I spiral out of control with anxiety, anger, or frustration. I forget that God has it all under control. I see the “disease” in front of me and miss the blessing and lesson of miracles still do exist.

Even as I sit here going over this writing and doing the final editing, I am brought to my knees and humbled by this lesson. I sit here harsh and angry at a situation and person that I have no control over. I can not fix it or make them change their behavior, but I can be changed. I can have faith that God can do a work through this mess that I am facing, though it may not be in the manner I wish it to be.

Do I still believe? Do I truly KNOW and UNDERSTAND the power of God in my everyday life?

Is it not true that a miracle can come in the form of simply not screaming at my kids when they make an error? My flesh may want to lose control, but my spirit, given strength and control from God, is lassoed in and remains calm and patient.                    That my friend, is a miracle.
What about obedience in a financial situation? Can a miracle occur here? I know that God wants to show His power and love in every area of our lives.  And He truly does.
We had a situation a few weeks back where I felt God wanted me to give a certain amount of money to these certain individuals. In my head, I was fighting it. Though the amount may seem small to someone else, for us, going through a time where we needed to be extra careful how we spent our money, this amount seemed unnecessary and simply not in the budget.
But I kept feeling this nudging.
So I gave.
That evening, my husband came home and informed me that the military owed us money unexpected from his deployment. It was about 35x the amount that I gave!

That day, when I dipped into my wallet and stuffed some money in a card was just like the day the sick woman reached out and touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. We both believed that Jesus could supply and take care of a need. And He did. Over and above.
I want more of these moments.

To remember that I have trusted Christ with the most precious of things that I have, my soul, then all the other things such as money, time, energy, and everyday life seem so small.

What is your worry and concern today? What keeps you up at night, raises your blood pressure, brings you anxiety, or leaves you feeling hopeless? May I make a suggestion?


Like the lame and sick on the street, come as you are to Christ. Come with a hope for restoration. Come with an anticipation of needs being supplied. Come with the faith that a miracle is about to occur. He loves to show off what He can do and if your heart is willing to watch, He can do the unbelievable.


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