Thirteen Years

I think I cried myself to sleep that night.

How could I possibly imagine four long months, or perhaps even more, without the man I fell in love with. But that was what I was facing. He pulled away with his recruiter, leaving all he knew behind, to start a new adventure and establish a future for both of us.

Thirteen years later, and here we stand.
Trust me when I say I am not one of those women that takes credit for my husband’s career. It actually riles me up a little when I hear a military wife talk of her husband’s career as if she did all the work herself. Yes, as a spouse, there are some sacrifices needed to be made. But it’s the same in every other marriage.
You move for a promotion. Give up time with family because of the long hours at work. Many  jobs put their safety in jeopardy. But in the end, Peter has done all the work to get where he is. And I couldn’t be more proud of him.
He’s the one who signed that paper. He’s the one that went through basic training, all the lack of sleep, grueling drills, and separation from family.
Peter is the one that had to go overseas without us. He couldn’t pick up the phone and call. He couldn’t eat home cooked meals. Instead, they came from some kind of bag! (MRE’s, we thank you for your deliciousness.)
I am so very blessed to have this man I call husband. Not because of what he does for an occupation. He could be a lawyer, farmer, librarian, mechanic, or teacher. The point is, he’s hard working, self sacrificing, and always willing to give for his family.
So today, as I remember 13 years ago and the ache in my heart as he drove away, I now also think on how full my heart is in the man he has become. I thank God for forming him into a better person each day. I thank the military for giving him skills and disciplines that carry on to other areas of life. And I thank Peter for  his hard work and dedication in so many areas of his life, all making this thing we call life so much better.
Posted April 29, 2016

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