In times like these, when a child becomes ill…very ill… the first question that comes up is “Why?”
We have heard this many times these last 2 months.
“Why would this awful thing happen to such a sweet little girl? Why would a loving God allow this to be? If He is all powerful, then why doesn’t He heal?”
We ourselves have asked these questions. I think one of the most amazing things about God is that He WANTS us to question. He wants us to think. He gave us this beautiful thing called ‘free will’ and he gave us a brain.
So here we are… in the midst of all of this and the question is, Why? Upon praying, meditating, crying, talking with God, I have but one conclusion: grace. What on earth do I mean? Let me put it this way…
Think of Christ. He endured this horrific death on the cross. If you don’t know the history of crucifixion, let’s just say it was one of the WORST ways to die. So we view this horrific scene of death and what seems chaotic and it’s ugly. But then, there is God. He used this awful death, to bring salvation to the entire world. Grace.
The reality is this world if full of sickness, death, violence. And we, as human beings, have made it this way. This was not God’s plan. He didn’t want death. But we have chosen this. But, instead of allowing us to be consumed by all this death, He swoops in and brings us life through Christ.
Now, back to Molly. When we ask God why…. the answer I see is Grace. God didn’t even have to give me my precious girl. He didn’t have to give ME life. And I fully trust that He will take this awful experience and make good from it. The only thing I don’t know, is what that good will be. But how can I not trust Him? I see throughout history how He has brought mercy to so many when they deserved none. He brought gifts of love when there was only hate. And He will bring us so much more than we could ever imagine. All we have to bring to the table is trust. And that is what I bring this morning
Posted December 25, 2014

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