Happy Mothers Day

It’s Mother’s Day. That day when we acknowledge the amazing woman in our life that have sacrificed so much and received so little in return. Caffeine jitters, battle scars (sounds nicer than stretch marks), and a ponytail seems to be the way to spot her out in a crowd.

I love Moms. I love my Mom. I think women in general are amazing people who deserve so much more than they get.
But with that being sad, what about THAT Mother?
I’ve been on many sides of Mother’s Day. I’ve received the perfect handmade card from the perfect little three-year-old. I’ve treasured the burnt toast that they tried to make me for breakfast to show their love.
I’ve also sat in the pew at church, after just having lost a baby and held back tears that were breaking through because the pain was too much.
I’ve lived the day that as so many were celebrating, I, being pregnant, tip toed around terrified and scared wondering if this baby will breathe life in the world so that I truly could celebrate Mother’s Day.
And today, I sit here, knowing that it’s my last Mother’s Day, in my entire life, that I will be able to have all my girls in my arms. It’s my last Mother’s Day that I can look on Molly.
There’s one kind of Mother’s Day I haven’t experienced and it’s the one so many of my friends are suffering through this morning. The one that is incomplete because their child is not with them. I have not faced this.
This Mother’s Day is bitter/sweet. Sweet because I have this day to be with all three girls, I am beyond blessed, humbled, and yes, almost feel guilty that I can cherish them. Bitter because of what so many have lost. And really what we have lost too.
So this Mother’s Day, I challenge all the ladies out there that have not had anything but the happy kind of Mother’s Days, to reach out to someone who knows too well the loss and sadness that is amplified today. Give them a hug. Tell them you love them. Just do not ignore them.
And to you that know exactly what I’m talking about, Happy Mother’s Day. Because whether you are a Mother or not, this day is for you. It’s really a day that represents the heart of a woman who desires to nurture, care, and love a little one, whether their own, or someone elses. You ARE amazing because of that very thing.
Posted May 10, 2015

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